Gaming - In My DNA

"Some of us are X - Some of us are PS."

DNA sequencing determines the order of the four chemical building blocks - called "bases" - that make up the DNA molecule.

Our INKPUNK In My DNA Range takes inspiration from the graphical output of DNA sequences and turns the results into stunning, sophisticated designs.

And gaming is in our DNA - it is part of what makes us, US. As gamers we are diverse, inclusive, and frankly pretty damn cool.

For sure, the state of gaming has certainly changed from the days when stereotypes dictated we were all pimply-faced male basement-dwellers with no friends. Now, we game in a world where more people watched the most recent League of Legends finals than the last MLB and NFL championships combined!!

Gamers aren’t exactly pariahs anymore.

And we are looking great - of course we are, it's in our DNA.